About Us

    Nothing is more important than the safety of your house and premises. The impact of a sturdy fence on a residential or commercial property and its value can be huge. Fences secure, enhance, delineate and add value in many ways. Residential places like single-family homes, town homes, estates, commercial and much more types real property are enhanced by the installation of vicinity suitable fences. In most cases, fences are used to add safety while clearly delineating property lines. So, to outsource this vital task which fencing company is more trusted? Would you opt for 3-4 old rookie fencing company in Arkansas or a professional and experienced fencing contractor in AR?

    Established in 1968, South West Fence Co. is one of the most preferred fencing contractors in all over AR. Whatever your fencing needs may be, we make sure that we offer you the best in class and affordable fencing options. Being in the business for around half a century, we are well-versed in the know-hows and various standard fencing requirements as well as issues faced by the clients. South West Fence Co. is the Arkansas-based professional contractor, providing a broad range of fencing to suit your budget, purpose, and requirements. We offer all types and styles of fencing and fence panels from residential fencing, chain link fence, wood fence, metal fencing, commercial fence, automatic metal gates, temporary fencing and much more. We cover it all!

    We supply and repair residential and commercial fencing in Little Rock, AR of all the traditional as well as modern styles. All our fencing work completely guaranteed and completed to a high professional standard at all times. If you already own a fence that you are unwilling to part with, that's fine! Our skilled staff has the skills and expertise to perform fence repairs as well. If your fence cannot be repaired, we will advise you on the most affordable fencing solution to replace this for you. We are the fence builders who will provide you security and privacy fencing at a very low fence installation cost in Little Rock, AR.